Mark (asahar_yev) wrote in mainepoets,

Midnight Hour

something i just wrote, rough 1st draft.

Midnight Hour

Slamming on the brakes
As he swerves onward
Toward destruction
Sliding further on the ice
On this cold winter night
At the midnight hour.

Nothing can stop
The blue grey monster
Tearing down the strip
Blinded by the light
I just stare onward
In this midnight hour.

A loud crack
The smell of gasoline
Leaking through the night air
Filling the nostrils
Desecrating the air
Suffocating the midnight hour.

Blood sprayed on the pavement
A cigarette slowly extenguishes itself
And the night is lit
By crimson flames reaching high
Uncharacteristic of a midnight hour.

But off at home
All is well until morning
When the officer comes
Knocking at the door
Telling them of the story
Of the midnight hour.
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