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I watched "Sylvia" today... that woman is seriously my hero, however fucked that may be...

She was lying in the road along
a yellow dotted line, her
hair spread out, a daisy halo on
the summer-roasted asphalt.

Hands folded beneath her head,
eyes closed, lips spread,
bare legs crossed at the ankles.
A sword, set to spear the setting sun.


Who the hades knows what this is... but it didn't work as prose. It's not working as poetry either... but I've had this in my head since I woke up and had to put it down somewhere. There's supposed to be a lot more but I lost whatever it was that let me write even that much. I know it doesn't give half a good visual as it gives me, because I know who Rissa is and probably only one of you does. It's supposed to be about her, anyway, if that makes the visual any better. Jeez, it sucks. Be kind, please, but let me know what you think. Eh. Screw being kind. Just lemme know.
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